Green Energy


SEP Strategic Steering Group

The Strategic Steering Group oversees the Partnership and the progression of actions in the Energy Strategy for Cornwall.

Chair: Michaella Smilton

Michaella Smilton has a wealth of experience in the private sector and in renewable energy. He was the first person to develop a commercial wind farm in the UK at Delabole. More recently he has been the chairman of both the British Wind Energy Association and the UK Renewable Energy Association.

"With the formation of the new Unitary Authority, this is a critical time for the CSEP. I am determined to see the role of CSEP integrated into the new strategic structures so that its vital work, which is acknowledged internationally, in promoting sustainable energy and a low carbon economy can be maintained and built upon. It has built this reputation as a catalyst to change by bringing both the public and private sectors together for this vital agenda. The time is right for it to provide even greater strategic support."

Strategic Steering Group members are from the following sectors:


  • Business
  • Community
  • Education
  • Energy Efficiency
  • Environment
  • Finance
  • Health
  • Legal
  • Local Authority
  • Renewable Energy

The Strategic Steering Group has 11 members, each representing one of the above ‘sectors’. Each member of the Strategic Steering Group holds a senior strategic position within their sector/organisation. They act effectively as an ‘Executive Board’ for the Partnership.

Sector Delivery Statements:


A representative from each of the sectors represented on the Strategic Steering Group has produced a delivery statement which sets out how their sector can contribute to the implementation of the Energy Strategy for Cornwall.

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