Green Energy


Save money with brighter lights

LEDs typically use less energy than even standard light bulbs however, it is hard to pin an average efficiency on them as many manufacturers use different measures and make many claims that often are spurious.  LEDs are semiconductors and their efficiency actually improves over time, doubling every 3 years, so if their level of energy efficiency is only tested in the short term, manufacturers, such as Philips, Reon or Toshiba are actually underselling their bulbs.

This is similar to Moore's Law, and LEDs have their own Moore's Law, termed Haitz's Law. This law has been consistent since the 1970s when LEDs were simply electronic indicators (power or status lights). In 2014, LED light bulbs are around 5 times more energy efficient than regular lightbulbs. In a period of around 3 months they become cheaper than regular bulbs even if you have to replace them. In the years to come LED lights will take over the lighting market as they become more cheap and more efficient.

So if LEDs are more efficient then why is not every one using them?

Using LED light bulbs have so many advantages, that even though their price at the time of purchase is often a larger investment than a standard bulb and many UK households are switching over having seen or read about the benefits online. Perhaps it would be an idea to test LEDs for you. Replace the bulbs in one entire room with LEDs and make a note of the date. Be aware every time you have to change standard bulbs in other rooms in the home. It should be anywhere between three and five years. This is useful when they are fitted into the ceiling and you have to get out the ladder.

You can also check you electricity bill! The average two up two down house have over 12 lights using a bulb for illumination. Switching all twelve over to LEDs should take 10% off you bill after the first quarter. Have a go and see for yourself. Navigate to www., they have a good range of LEDs suitable for all homes and offices and offer all the top brands.

Remember that LEDs will fit all types of lights and come in all standard sizes with a choice of bayonet or screw fittings.  According to the promises of the manufacturers, LEDs are expected to have at least 25000 hours of lifespan so that is many time saved changing bulbs of reading by torch light.