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Local Microgeneration Installers
See our dedicated page here

Cornwall and Isles of Scilly
Beacon Project (Falmouth) - SRB1 regeneration project involving Community Energy Plus.
Caradon District Council
Carrick District Council
Climate Radio - Cornwall Friends of the Earth climate awareness campaign
CoaST Project (Sustainable Tourism)
Community Energy Plus - manages CSEP.
Cornwall Switch Campaign
Council of the Isles of Scilly
Cornwall County Council
Cornwall Sustainable Building Trust
Cornwall Waste Action
Envision - energy advice service for businesses in the South-West
Kerrier District Council
North Cornwall District Council
Penwith District Council
Restormel Borough Council
West Cornwall Local Strategic Partnership
Cornwall Pure Business

Government Office for the South West - Sustainability web site 'Our South West'
Low Carbon South West
SW Greener Events GuideBoth CEP and CSEP have signed up to this.
Sustainability South West
RegenSW (Regional Renewable Energy Office)
Revision 2010 (Regional renewable energy targets)
South West Housing Body
Westville Associates Surrey (CEP and CSEP)
South West Regional Development Agency
South West Observatory

Community Action for Energy
Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs (DEFRA)
Dept of Trade & Industry (DTI)
London Energy Partnership - CSEP has signed a memorandum of understanding with the LEP agreeing to share information and work together. LEP Chairman, David Green, was a key speaker at the CSEP 2005 'Energy in Regeneration' conference.
Microgeneration Certification Scheme (BRE)
Office of the Deputy Prime Minister (ODPM)

European Union Directorate General Energy & Transport
International Energy Agency
ManagEnergy (CSEP case studies)
UN World Energy Assessment
Talk Energy - a international web-site community geared towards sustainable energy solutions, sharing ideas and showcasing innovative alternative energy products.

Energy Efficiency
Association for the Conservation of Energy
Combined Heat and Power Association
Energy efficiency and Best Practice Programme
Energy Saving Trust
Low Energy Lightbulbs
Practical Help (for Local Authorities)
The Little Pledge - save a little energy to help make a difference
Energy Efficient Homes Articles
T-Zero - a free web-based tool, under development in 2008, that identifies optimal low carbon solutions tailored to specific UK house types.

Renewable Energy
British Biogen
British Hydropower Association
British Photovoltaic Association
British Wind Energy Association (BWEA)
BWEA advice page on small wind systems
Fuel Cell 2000 - the on-line fuel cell information resource
Holsworthy Anaerobic Digestion plant
Hydrogen Now
International Geothermal Association

Marine Power info page (BWEA)
National Energy Foundation Logpile website - wood pellet boilers
Renewable Power Association
Fuel Cell Markets

Fuel Poverty
Centre for Sustainable Energy
EAGA Partnership
National Energy Action

Climate Change
Environmental Change Institute
Friends of the Earth Energy and Climate page
Global Climate Change Information Centre
State of the Cornish Environment Report
World Wildlife Fund Climate Change Campaign
Rainforest Site - Save carbon every day for free by clicking on the site - sponsors donate money towards preserving endangered rainforests.
Tools for Adapting to Climate Change - South West Climate Change Impacts Partnership

Flexible working toolkit – increasing productivity, improve work life balance, reduce travel and avoid congestion. Information to help your business or organisation to implement flexible working practices.
King Review of Low Carbon Cars (2024)
Centre for Sustainable Transport, University of Plymouth